The Ridges

by Diamondstein


For the Night Lurk. Out now on Dream Catalogue.

" arresting bout of psychedelia. By the end, you may be questioning if you've just been inceptioned with illuminati propaganda." - THUMP

"Diamondstein creates sci-fi soundscapes that blend the lines between Detroit’s techno underworld and evocative soundtracks of independent film." - XLR8R

"Framed against haunting brass, clockwork chimes and swelling synthesisers, it's a fitting introduction to the most dystopian album Dream Catalogue has released yet." - DummyMag

"The latest addition to stable, Diamondstein drops a sinister debut album for Dream Catalogue, mixing elements of dark-tronica with the cinematic overtones that are central to fellow dream-gazers 2814. Followind the End Of World Rave's move towards hardvapor, Diamondstein is moving towards galaxies of sweeping orchestration with robotoic techno undertones, Dream Catalogue going terminator techno, ace!" - Bleep

(What the Label Says)
Diamondstein, whose work brings classical musicality, the macabre ideas of metal, and next level electronic instrumentation to create a unique sound that pulls various ideas from synthwave, techno and film scores and moulds them into a unique holistic vision for an album unlike anything you will have ever heard.

Still, this is pure dream music that fits right at home on Dream Catalogue – but these are dreams of darkness, pessimism and dread. If 2814’s ‘Birth Of A New Day’ provides a shimmery glimpse into a romantic and melancholic future, Diamondstein’s ‘The Ridges’ takes us on a 40 minute trip through the dark underbelly of that world, where the people who live for the night lurk, where lust and sin reigns over love and hope. The Ridges brings a subtle sense of danger and terror to Dream Catalogue that has not been present in our two year history of releasing dream music, but something that is very much a part of dreaming life.

Diamondstein has created a score for a cyberpunk dystopia without the bright neon lights. It is at times savage and loud and at times sparse and moody. Overall, it is a trip into a dark future and one that takes the idea of “dream music” to the next level.


released March 22, 2016



Diamondstein Los Angeles, California

Cold Wind. Quiet Streets.

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