Asleep in the Creek 1​-​2

by Diamondstein


A year or so ago I found the photography of Kait Fischer @kait88888888 and absolutely fell in love with the tone and feeling of the photos. At the time I was reading a lot of Raymond Carver and her photos remind me of both the book covers and the stories themselves, harsh and heavy stories about mundane American life. Her photos just remind me of walking through small towns with headphones on, observing nothing in particular, and creating personal fiction about the people lit by the distant light inside how the houses and restaurants on the other side of the darkness of night. I’ve wanted to do a project with her for a while and so this is the first of a series of releases I’m calling ‘Asleep in the Creek’, named after the creek behind my grandparent's house in suburban northern Ohio. Each release will be a pair of songs set specifically to the selected photograph.


released September 4, 2020

Music by Diamondstein
Mixed by Diamondstein
Mastered by Z. Emerson
Photography / Album Cover - Kait Fischer



Diamondstein Los Angeles, California

Cold Wind. Quiet Streets.

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